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Divorce/Child Custody

American Father, The                                                                         William Reynolds

Beyond the Best Interest of the Child                                                  Goldstein, Freud & Solnit

Child Abuse                                                                                       Ruth S. & C. Henry Kempe

Choices Are Not Child's Play                                                             Pat Holt & Grace Ketterman M.D.

Crazy Times: Surviving Divorce                                                          Abigail Trafford

Daddy Track and the Single Father, The                                             Geoffrey L. Greif

Divorce Decision, The                                                                        Gary Richmond

Father Book, The                                                                               Acropolis Books

Father Loss                                                                                        Neil Chethik

Fathers                                                                                               Ross D. Parke

Fatherís Rights: Hard Hitting & Fair Advice For Every

                Father Involved in a Custody Dispute                                  Jeff Leving

Getting Custody                                                                                  Robert Henley Woody, Ph. D

How to Hide Money From Your Husband and Other

                Time Honored Ways to Build a Nest Egg                            Heidi Evans

How to Win Custody                                                                          Louis Kiefer

Involved Father, The                                                                           Robert Frank, Ph.D.

Joint Custody Handbook, The                                                            Miriam Galper Cohen

Joint Custody With a Jerk                                                                  Julie A. Ross M.A. & Judy Corcoran

Manhood for Amateurs                                                                      Michael Chabon

Money-Smart Divorce                                                                        Esther M. Berger, CFP

ĎStep Fatherís Anonymousí Playbook                                                 Joe Pritchard

Understanding Child Custody                                                              Susan Neiburg Terkel

What Kids Need Most in a Dad                                                         Tim Hansel

Winning Custody                                                                                Maurice R. Franks





50 Famous Americans                                                                        Orville Webster III

A Fantastic Ride                                                                                 Bob Rohrman & Jeff Washburn

Andretti                                                                                              Bill Libby

Andrew Jackson                                                                                 Robert V. Remini

Barbara Bush                                                                                     Pamela Kilian

Baseball Life of Johnny Bench, The                                                     John DeVaney

Beyond the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace                                  Scott Thorson

Black Noon                                                                                       Art Garner

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit                                                 Allan Zullo & Gene Cheek

Carving of Mount Rushmore, The                                                       Rex Alan Smith

Daveís Way                                                                                       R. David Thomas

Day Lincoln Was Shot, The                                                               Jim Bishop

Deion Sanders: Power, Money & Sex                                                Deion Sanders

Delorean                                                                                            Evan Fallon & James Srodes

Family Man: The Biography of Dr. James Dobson                              Dale Buss

Founding Fathers, The: The Lives and Legends of:

     George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin,

     James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr                    Charles River Editors

Franklin Pierce                                                                                   Michael P. Holt

Fourth and One                                                                                  Joe Gibbs

Give 'Em Hell Harry                                                                          Samuel Gallu

God and Ronald Reagan                                                                    Paul Kengor

Great Lives, Great Deeds                                                                  Readers Digest

Hand of Providence                                                                           Mary Beth Brown

Heartbreak of Aaron Burr, The                                                          H.W. Brands`

Henry and Edsel: The Creation of the Ford Empire                              Richard Bak

I Dare Say - Inside Stories of the World's Most Powerful Speeches    Ferdie Addis

I Think I'm Outta Here                                                                       Carroll O'Connor

In Their Own Words: Benjamin Franklin                                             Peter and Connie Roop

Jacksonland                                                                                       Steve Inskeep

Joseph Stalin                                                                                      Steven Otfinoski

Killing Patton                                                                                      Bill O'Reilly

Kim Philby: The Spy I Married                                                           Eleanor Philby

Knight: My Story                                                                               Bob Knight and Bob Hammel

Michael Jackson: The Seven Secrets to His Success                            Ronan Ryan

Mr. President: A Life of Benjamin Harrison                                         Ray E. Boomhower

Murder of James A. Garfield, The                                                       James C. Clark

Nick Saban vs. College Football                                                         Christopher Walsh

Pete Rose: My Story                                                                          Pete Rose and Roger Kahn

President is a Sick Man, The                                                              Matthew Algeo

Presidential Courage                                                                          Michael Beschloss

Sam Walton: Made in America                                                           Sam Walton/John Huey

Sam Walton: The Inside Story of Americaís Richest Man                    Vance H. Trimble

Sein Language                                                                                    Jerry Seinfeld

Senator Joe McCarthy                                                                       Richard H. Rovere

700 Sundays                                                                                      Billy Crystal

Still Foolin' 'Em                                                                                  Billy Crystal

Shadow Play                                                                                      William Klaber/Philip Melanson

So FarÖ                                                                                           Kelsey Grammer

Thomas Paine and the Promise of America                                          Harvey J. Kaye

Tumultuous Years: The Presidency of Harry S. Truman, 1949-1953    Robert J. Donovan

Why Presidents Win:

          A Viewers Guide to the Greatest Show on Earth 1960-2012    Hal Hansen

Winning                                                                                             Jack Welch

Young Churchill, The                                                                         Randolph S. Churchill

You Might Remember Me                                                                 Mike Thomas





Act Like Men: 40 Days to Biblical Manhood                                     James MacDonald

Almost Christian                                                                                Kenda Creasy Dean

Amazing Grace                                                                                   Hal Lindsey

Angel Book, The                                                                                Charles & Frances Hunter

Approaching Hoofbeats                                                                      Billy Graham

Autopsy of a Deceased Church                                                           Thom S. Rainer

Bait of Satan                                                                                       John Berere

Beginning of the End                                                                            John Hagee

Beyond the Well                                                                                 Alice Smith

Bible Code, The                                                                                 Michael Drosnin

Bible Code II, The                                                                             Michael Drosnin

Case for Christ, The                                                                           Lee Strobel

Case for Faith, The                                                                            Lee Strobel

Celestine Prophecy, The                                                                     James Redfield 

Cold-Case Christianity                                                                        J. Warner Wallace

Daniel - God's Pattern for the Future                                                  Charles R. Swindoll

Dark Object                                                                                      Don Ledger & Chris Styles

Dealing With the Devil                                                                        C.S. Lovett

Destiny                                                                                              T.D. Jakes

Evolution and the Modern Christian                                                    Henry M. Morris

Faith, The                                                                                          Charles Colson & Harold Fickett

Final Dawn Over Jerusalem                                                                John Hagee

Flying Saucers-Serious Business                                                         Frank Edwards

Flying Saucer Occupants                                                                    Coral & Jim Lorenzen

Fresh Power                                                                                      Jim Cymbala

Game Plan for Life                                                                              Joe Gibbs

Get Out of That Pit                                                                             Beth Moore

God Owns My Business                                                                     Stanley Tam

God Uses Cracked Pots                                                                     Patsy Clairmont

God Wants You to Be Rich                                                                Paul Zane Pilzer

Harbinger, The                                                                                   Jonathan Cahn

Held Hostage: A Serial Bank Robber's Road to Redemption               Ken Cooper

He-Motions                                                                                       T.D. Jakes

Holy Bible

Holy Spirit & You, The                                                                      Dennis and Rita Bennett

Holy Spirit Power                                                                              Charles Spurgeon

How to Handle Adversity                                                                   Charles Stanley

How to Recognize the Antichrist                                                         Arthur E. Bloomfield

In Search of Noahís Ark                                                                    Dave Balsiger/Charles Sellier

Joseph: A Man of Absolute Integrity                                                   Charles R. Swindoll

Last Men's Book You'll Ever Need, The                                            David Moore

Legacy Journey, The                                                                          Dave Ramsey

Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light                                               Gail Carr Feldman, Ph.D.

Lighthouse Faith                                                                                 Lauren Green

Live to Give                                                                                       Austin Gutwein

Mind of Christ, The                                                                            T.W. Hunt

Ministry of Intercessory Prayer, The                                                   Andrew Murray

Moses - Steps to a Life of Faith                                                         Bob Saffrin

Mystery of God's Will, The                                                                 Charles R. Swindoll

90 Minutes in Heaven                                                                         Don Piper & Cecil Murphey

Noah's Ark: Fact or Fable?                                                                Violet M. Cummings

Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer                                               Patsy Clairmont

Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, The                                            Reuben Archer Torrey

Pray Big For Your Life                                                                       Will Davis Jr.

Prayer, The Ultimate Conversation                                                      Charles Stanley

Psalms, The Sunrise of Hope                                                              Bob Saffrin

Real Life Stories                                                                                 Jubilee Worship Center

Reposition Yourself                                                                            T.D. Jakes

Resolution For Men, The                                                                    Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

Sacred Sex                                                                                         Tony Evans

Satanic Bible, The                                                                               Anton Szandor LaVey

Satan's Children                                                                                  Dr. Robert S. Mayer

Self Esteem                                                                                         Robert Schuller

Sexual Idolatry, At the Altar of                                                            Steve Gallagher

Shadow of the Apocalypse, The                                                          Paul Crouch

Spirit Rising: Tapping Into the Power of the Holy Spirit                        Jim Cymbala

Spiritual Leadership                                                                             Henry & Richard Blackaby                     

Spiritual Leadership                                                                             J. Oswald Sanders

Staying on Top When Things Go Wrong                                              Linda Raney Wright

Strength For Today                                                                             John F. MacArthur

There Are No Accidents: Synchronicity and the Stories of Our Lives   Robert H. Hopcke

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts                                                    Jerry Bridges

23 Minutes in Hell                                                                               Bill Wiese

Unlimited Power of Prayer, The                                                           Guideposts

Uncommon                                                                                          Tony Dungy & Nathan Whitaker

Unshakable                                                                                         Carter Conlon

Vanished Into Thin Air                                                                         Hal Lindsey

When Critics Ask                                                                                Norman Geisler & Thomas Howe

When God Winks at You                                                                    Squire Rushnell

Who is the Holy Spirit?                                                                        R.C. Sproul

Whose Promised Land?                                                                      Colin Chapman

World the Flesh & the Devil, The                                                         Harold Lindsell

Year of Living Biblically, The                                                               A.J. Jacobs

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A Man Called Intrepid                                                                        William Stevenson

Art of War, Sun Tzu                                                                            Ralph D. Sawyer

Battle for History, The                                                                         John Keegan

Battle of Leyte Gulf, The                                                                      Thomas J. Cutler

Bradley                                                                                               Alan Axelrod

Churchill: The Unexpected Hero                                                           Paul Addison

Discovering the Rommel Murder: 

                                 The Life and Death of the Desert Fox                Charles F. Marshall

Douglas MacArthur                                                                            Janet & Geoff Benge

Farm Boy, Soldier, Daddy                                                                  Dudley Riley

Gathering Storm, The                                                                         Winston Churchill

German Army, The 1933-1945 Volume I: Rebirth                              Matthew Cooper

Germans in Normandy, The                                                                Richard Hargreaves

Germany                                                                                             Dr. Heinz Graefe

Greatest Generation, The                                                                     Tom Brokaw

Greatest Generation Speaks, The                                                         Tom Brokaw

Hindenburg, The                                                                                 Michael M. Mooney

Hitler                                                                                                  Alan Wykes

Hitler Book, The                                                                                 Henrik Eberle/Matthias Uhl

Hitler Youth                                                                                        Susan Bartolleti

Hitlerís Bunker                                                                                    Joachim Fest

Hitler's Mistakes                                                                                 Ronald Lewin

Hitler, The Pathology of Evil                                                                George Victor

In Honored Glory                                                                                Philip Bigler

In Retrospect                                                                                      Robert S. McNamara

Inside the Hindenburg                                                                         Mireille Majoor

Last Lion, The                                                                                   William Manchester

Last Nazi, Dr. Joseph Mengele, The                                                   Gerald Astor

Last Year of the German Army, The                                                   James Lucas

Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe, The                                                    Jay A. Stout

Mengele, The Complete Story                                                            Gerald L. Posner & John Ware

Mind of Adolf Hitler, The                                                                    Walter C. Langer

Mission and Betrayal: 1940-1945                                                        Rene DeChambrun

Monuments Men, The: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest    Robert M. Edsel

            Treasure Hunt in History

Nazi Hunters, The                                                                               Charles Ashman/Robert Wagman

Nazi Millionaires                                                                                 Kenneth Alford/Theodore Savas

Nazi Olympics, The                                                                             Richard Mandell

Nazis and the Occult, The                                                                    Paul Roland

On Hitler's Mountain                                                                            Irmgard A. Hunt

On Strategy II: A Critical Analysis of the Gulf War                                 Col. Harry G. Summers

Patton                                                                                                  Ira Peck

Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler                                                     Roder, Kubillus & Burwell

Return with Honor                                                                                Scott OíGrady/Jeff Coplon

Unexplained Mysteries of World War II                                               William B. Breuer

Undercover: The Men and Women of the Special Operations Executive Patrick Howarth

War Against the Jews, The: 1933-1945                                                Lucy S. Dawidowicz

What They Fought For: 1861-1865                                                      James M McPherson

Wolf's Lair, The: Inside Hitler's Germany                                               Adam Hamilton

World War 2: True Stories of German Uboats.........                             Leonard Cooper



Self Help/Psychology

A Whack on the Side of the Head                                                          Roger Von Oech

Age Smart                                                                                             Jeffrey Rosensweig & Betty Liu

Anxiety & Panic Attacks                                                                        Robert Handly

Anxiety Toolkit, The                                                                              Alice Boyes Ph.D

Art of Always Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argument                       Arthur Schopenhauer

Before It's Too Late                                                                               Stanton E. Samenow Ph.D.

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking                                       Malcom Gladwell

Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology               Max Ogles

Breakfast at Sally's                                                                                 Richard LeMieux

Building Your Self-Image                                                                        Josh McDowell

Captivate                                                                                                Vanessa Van Edwards

Change Your Words, Change Your World                                             Andrea Gardner

Confidence Course, The                                                                         Walter Anderson

Darkness Visible                                                                                    William Styron

David and Goliath                                                                                   Malcom Gladwell

Decision Making by the Book                                                                 Haddon Robinson

Decision Traps                                                                                        J. Edward Russo & Paul J.H. Schoemaker

Do You Know What I Mean?                                                                 Robert V. Keteyian

Eat, Drink and Be Merry                                                                         Dr. Dean Edell

8 Pillars of Motivation, The                                                                     Farnoosh Brock

Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity                     Adam Hamilton

Excess Baggage                                                                                      Judith Sills

Financial Peace                                                                                       Dave Ramsey

Formula, The                                                                                          Luke Dormehl

Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, The                                                    Suzette Haden Elgin

Get Out of That Pit                                                                                  Beth Moore

Getting Through to People                                                                        Jesse S. Nirenberg, Ph.D.

Gift of Fear, The                                                                                      Gavin de Becker

Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance                                             Angela Duckworth         

How People Tick                                                                                     Mike Leibling

How to Argue: Powerfully, Persuasively, Positively                                   Jonathan Herring

How to Heal Depression                                                                          Harold H. Bloomfield MD/Peter McWilliam

How to Read a Person Like a Book                                                         Gerald Nierenbert/Henry Calero

How to Talk to Anyone                                                                            Leil Lowndes

I Donít Want to Talk About It                                                                   Terrence Real

If I Had Lunch With C.S. Lewis                                                                Alister McGrath

If You Think You Can!                                                                             T.J. Hoisington

Iím too Young to Have a Heart Attack                                                      Jim Castelli

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be                  Paul Arden

Living Successfully With Screwed Up People                                            Elizabeth B. Brown

Lucifer Effect, The                                                                                    Phillip Zimbardo

Magic of Thinking Big, The                                                                       David J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Making Sense of People: Decoding the Mysteries of Personality                Samuel Barondes

Marshmallow Test, The                                                                            Walter Mischel

Mindset                                                                                                   Dr. Carol S. Dweck

One Big Thing                                                                                          Phil Cooke

Organized Simplicity                                                                                 Tsh Oxenreider

No Excuses!                                                                                            Brian Tracy

Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer                                                     Patsy Clairmont

Power of Habit, The. Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business       Charles Duhigg

Power of Nice, The                                                                                  Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

Power of Small, The                                                                                 Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

Power of Visualization-Meditation Secrets That Matter the Most, The      Sri Vishwanath

Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The                                                   Dr. Joseph Murphy

Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking, The                                       Dale Carnegie

Quiet Strength                                                                                          Tony Dungy

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The                                                    Stephen Covey

Sex in the Forbidden Zone                                                                        Peter Rutter, MD

Self Matters                                                                                              Dr. Phillip C. McGraw

Sociopath Next Door, The                                                                       Martha Stout Ph.D

Stop Obsessing!

            How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Compulsions                  Edna Foa/Reid Wilson

Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior                 Leonard Mlodinow

Thatís Not What I Meant                                                                          Deborah Tanner Ph. D.

Think and Be Happy: 365 Empowering Thoughts to Life Your Spirit          Shadonna Richards

Tipping Point, The                                                                                     Malcom Gladwell

25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople, The                              Stephen Schiffman

Understanding Menís Passages                                                                 Gail Sheehy

What It Is                                                                                                 Sarah Burleton    

When                                                                                                       Daniel H. Pink                            

Winning Through Intimidation                                                                    Robert J. Ringer

Workaholics                                                                                             Marilyn Machlowitz

You are the Placebo                                                                                 Dr. Joe Dispenza

You Can Negotiate Anything                                                                     Herb Cohen

You Can Sleep In Your Car But You Can't Drive Your House to Work    Sutton Parks

You Just Donít Understand                                                                       Deborah Tanner Ph. D.

Your Money: Itís a Family Affair                                                               Joan M. Gruber

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1,000 Dollars & an Idea - Entrepreneur to Billionaire                                 Sam Wyly

A Better Idea                                                                                            Donald Peterson

Advertise!                                                                                                 Keith F. Luscher

Alpha Dogs                                                                                               Donna Fenn

Art of Negotiating, The                                                                              Gerald Nierenberg

ASK                                                                                                         Ryan Levesque

A Winner's DNA                                                                                       Jesper Qvist

Breakaway Careers                                                                                   Bill Radin

Carolyn 101                                                                                              Carolyn Kepcher

Consulting: The Complete Guide to a Profitable Career                              Robert E. Kelley

Corporate Ethics and Crime                                                                      Marshall B. Clinard

Craft of Research, The                                                                               Booth, Colomb & Williams

Crafts Market Place                                                                                   Angie Manolis

Don't Shoot! I'm Just the Avon Lady!                                                         Birdie Jaworski

eBay Phenomenon, The                                                                              David Bunnell

Effective Selling Through Psychology                                                          Buzzotta/Lefton/Sherberg

Essential Phone Interview Handbook, The                                                  Paul J. Bailo

50 Proven Ways to Build More Profitable Menus                                       Hospitality Masters Press

50 Tips to Improve Your Tips                                                                    Bill Marvin

Finnegan's Way: The Secret Power of Doing Things Badly                         Charles Kelly

Freelance Writing                                                                                      Marcia Yudkin

Getting To Yes                                                                                          Roger Fisher & William Ury

Getting to Yes And: The Art of Business Improv                                        Bob Kulhan

Good to Great                                                                                           Jim Collins

Grinding it Out                                                                                           Ray Kroc

Guerrilla P.R.                                                                                             Michael Levine                 

Home Based Newsletter Publishing                                                            William J. Bond

How Lego Built a Comeback                                                                     The Editors of New Word City

How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking                     Jordan Ellenberg

How to Attract Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace                                               Susan Rabin

How to Deliver a Great TED Talk                                                              Akash Karia

How to Get Ideas                                                                                       Jack Foster

How to Get Publicity                                                                                  William Parkhurst

How to Make it Big in the Seminar Business                                               Paul Karasik

How to Register a Copyright & Protect Your Creative Work                     Robert Chickering/Susan Hartman

How to Run For Local Office                                                                    Robert J. Thomas

Ideas For Small Business Success-Ideas and Business Opportunities......    Mark Ballett

I'm on Facebook - Now What?                                                                 Jason Alba & Jesse Stay

Inc. Yourself                                                                                              Judith McQuown

It's No Sin to be Rich                                                                                William Davis

Know What You Don't Know                                                                   Michael A. Roberto

Law of Attraction Made Simple, The                                                         Jonathan Manske

Likeable Social Media                                                                               Dave Kerpen

Losing It! Behaviors and Mindsets that Ruin Careers.........                         Bill Lane

Marketing Imagination, The                                                                       Theodore Levitt

Marketing Your Invention                                                                          Tomas E. Mosley, Jr.

Maybe You Should Write a Book                                                              Ralph Daigh

McDonalds: Behind the Golden Arches                                                       John F. Love

Micro Messaging                                                                                        Stephen Young

Negotiating Game, The                                                                               Chester L. Karrass

Negotiating the Big Sale                                                                              Gerald Nierenberg

Networking in Not Working                                                                       Derek Coburn

Never Cold Call Again                                                                                Frank J. Rumbauskas Jr.

New Geography of Jobs, The                                                                     Enrico Moretti

Niche Selling                                                                                              William T. Brooks

Nothing Down, How to Buy Real EstateÖ                                                  Robert G. Allen

On Writing Well                                                                                          William Zinsser

One Minute Networker, The                                                                        Bryan Thayer

One Minute Sales Person, The                                                                     Spencer Johnson/Larry Wilson

Online Buying and Selling                                                                             Dennis Price

Owning and Managing a Consulting Service                                                 Dan Ramsey

Patent Guide, The                                                                                       Carl Battle

Perfect Customers                                                                                      Stacy Hall & Jan Brogniez

Power of Why: Breaking Out in a Competitive Marketplace, The                C. Richard Weylman

Real Coke, the Real Story, The                                                                   Thomas Oliver

Restaurant Book, The                                                                                 Richard Ware/James Rudnick

Retail Success                                                                                             George Whalin

Robert Rules in Plain English                                                                        Doris P. Zimmerman

7 Principles of Public Speaking                                                                    Richard Zeoli

Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book, The                        Susan Page

Soft Sell                                                                                                      Tim Conner

Success is Not an Accident                                                                         Tom Newberry

There's No Such Thing as Business Ethics                                                    John C. Marshall

Try Giving Yourself Away                                                                           David Dunn                           

Turn Your Ideas Into Money                                                                       Donald Cantin

Sam Walton Story, The                                                                              Austin Teutsch

Statistics Done Wrong                                                                                Alex Reinhart

25 Sales Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople                                        Stephan Schiffman

Twitter in 30 Minutes                                                                                  Ian Lamont

Weapons of Math Destruction                                                                    Cathy O'Neil           

Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times                                              Jon M. Huntsman

Wired to Care:

         How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy   Dev Patnaik

Work Smart, Not Hard                                                                              George Sullivan

Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders                    Srinivasan S. Pillay

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Be All You Can Be                                                                                   John C. Maxwell

Developing the Leader Within You                                                            John C. Maxwell

If You Will Lead                                                                                       Doug Moran

Becoming a Person of Influence                                                                 John C. Maxwell & Jim Dornan

Change: The Way You Lead Change                                                         David M. Herold & Donald B. Fedor

Everyone's a Coach                                                                                   Don Shula & Ken Blanchard

5 Levels of Leadership                                                                               John C. Maxwell

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions                                                           John C. Maxwell

Lead to Succeed and You Won't Manage to Fail                                       Corey W. Grant

Lead With LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success                         Ken Blanchard & Colleen Barrett

Leadership                                                                                                Alison & David Price

Leadership Beyond Good Intentions                                                         Geoff Aigner

Leadership Code, The                                                                              Kapsalis I. Gregory

Leadership Lessons of Robert E. Lee                                                        Bil Holton, Ph.D.

Leadership Gold                                                                                       John C. Maxwell

Leadership 101                                                                                         John C. Maxwell

Leading at a Higher Level                                                                          Ken Blanchard and Others

Leading for Growth                                                                                   Ray Davis

Leadership Secrets from the Bible                                                             Lorin Woolfe

Leading With Kindness                                                                             William F. Baker & Michael O'Malley

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Make Today Count                                                                                   John C. Maxwell

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