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Civil investigations involve situations that occur between a combination of two or more individuals or companies. They usually involve money, assets, and/or relationships, but they don’t usually rise to the level of a crime being committed. Some cases start out as civil and then cross over into criminal investigations. As an investigator, I have had personal and professional experience in every aspect of civil situations. To learn more about my experience and education, click on the ‘Credentials’ link. Here is a brief list of civil cases. Click on any item listed below, for more information. The ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)’ link at the top of the page may also help you assess your needs.


Child Custody                                            Divorce

Security                                                      Front Man

Property & Rentals                                   People Locators

General Intelligence                                  Insurance Fraud


Child Custody

            This is an area that often generates the greatest emotions between people. I understand, both as an investigator and also as someone who has been through this situation. There has been a shift in the last decade or so as to whom the court issues custody to. It is no longer a slam dunk for the mother. In Indiana, you don’t have to prove the mother unfit like the old days. The right kind of evidence has never been more valuable for either side as it is today.  Experience and knowing what the court will look for is vital.


            With Indiana being a ‘no fault’ state, divorce investigations aren’t used as much as they used to be for this type of action. ‘No fault’ means you don’t have to prove fault on the other party. ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ is the cause most commonly listed in divorce filings nowadays. However, if there are children, money or assets involved, you may want to use my services. Sometimes, it is just the peace-of-mind that several of my clients are looking for.  

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            As there has been a shift in law enforcement priorities in the last few years, businesses and individuals find their property and assets more vulnerable to crime. More protection for you or your business can be as simple as periodically checking the locked status of a door or maybe just having a security presence in the general area.  Every situation is different, but not impossible.

Front Man

            A front man is a person such as a professional investigator who represents another, unnamed person to accomplish some type of activity.  I have bid on art work in Bloomington for an art collector, to keep the price from going up. I have also done information and document gathering for an individual in Carroll County, in an attempt to keep the price from going up on a piece of property he was looking to buy. Are there situations that require your anonymity to protect you from financial exploitation?                                                                               top of page

Property & Rentals

            If you have one or one-hundred properties or rentals, you know what a hassle upkeep and renters can be. Sometimes you need someone to collect the rent, and sometimes you need to make sure papers are served on a renter. Don’t let these responsibilities drag you down.

People Locators

            Be it a long-lost uncle, a witness, or someone that owes you money, sometimes it is important to find someone. I employ many different methods to find people. It could be an undercover contact with a relative, a computer check or just good old-fashioned surveillance, but I will do my best to find that ‘special someone’ for you. 

General Intelligence

            People need information all the time for a myriad of reason. Most of this information is desired for a business or personal reason that may only be known to you, the client. Maybe, you just want to know the truth because of curiosity – and that’s O.K., too.

Insurance Fraud

            Is there anything worse than insurance fraud? You and I work all the time to make a living and these folks skate by, faking an injury. Maybe they have defrauded your business? I have investigated insurance fraud and there is nothing more satisfying than to catch one of these people scrubbing a wave runner, fertilizing his yard, or playing softball with their daughter, when they continue to maintain that they unable to function normally.                                top of page


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