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         I wanted this website to be not only a site to market my services, but also an educational venue. By sharing my education and experience, prospective clients would be able to determine what qualification they should expect when hiring a private investigator. There are three sections to this link - a brief synopsis of my experience as a police officer; my training; and a wide array of books that I have consumed. Many of the books I have read may also be helpful for clients to read. 



            In the ten years I was at the Delphi Police Department, I spent three and one-half of those years working full and part-time running the departmentís radio. My responsibilities included taking phone calls and on-station complaints and dispatching them, as needed, to the files, to officers, or to the administration. I was hired as a police officer in 1989 and completed the Law Enforcement Academy later that year. I went to many different schools over the course of the 6 and one-half years that I worked as an officer. I spent most of my time running traffic and enforcing city ordinances and state laws. My passion was drunk-driving violations and drug investigations. The last 52-week period that I was doing roadwork, I believe I made 42 or 44 driving while intoxicated arrests. For two years, I was involved in the Carroll-White County Drug Task Force.  I worked in my own county and also several area counties buying drugs with confidential informants. While an officer, I also assisted in two murder investigations. One involved the murder of a minister, and the other a law enforcement officer from Utah. Both defendants were found guilty. Indiana executed their murderer. 






Law Enforcement Radio Operators Course                                                         40 hours.

Basic Communication Officers Course                                                                 40 hours.

Occult/Satanic Cult Activity Course                                                                    08 hours.

Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs                                                                          08 hours.

Basic Law Enforcement Academy                                                                                      480 hours.

Breath Tests for Intoxications                                                                              40 hours.

Instructor Development                                                                                       40 hours.

Search and Seizure, Drug Investigations                                                              08 hours.

Domestic Violence Intervention                                                                          16 hours.

Child Abuse Investigations                                                                                  08 hours.

Narcotic Investigations                                                                                       16 hours.

Prescription Drug Investigations                                                                          40 hours.

Crime Scene Investigations                                                                                 16 hours.

I.D.E.A. Drug Investigation Conference                                                              24 hours.

Basic Undercover Operations                                                                             40 hours.

I.D.E.A. Drug Investigation Conference                                                              24 hours.

Supervising & Managing Drug Investigations                                                       24 hours.

I.D.E.A. Drug Investigation Conference                                                              16 hours.

Narcotic Interdiction & Investigations                                                                 16 hours.

Retail Theft and Insurance Fraud                                                                         06 hours.

Financial Investigative Techniques                                                                       16 hours.

Investigation of Computer Crimes                                                                       40 hours.

Crisis Communications/Public Relations                                                              1.25 hours

Investigative Techniques in Cases Involving Veteran/Active Duty                         1.25 hours

Working On Your Business--Not In It!                                                               1.25 hours

Elements ...... in Cases Involving Inadequate Security and Alcohol                       1.25 hours

Investigating On-Line Dating Situations                                                                1.75 hours

Roles of the P.I. and Security Expert in Negligent Security Litigation                     1.5 hours

Small Business Management/Marketing & Social Media Basics                            01 hour.

Principles & Ethics/Report Writing Workshop                                                      02 hours.

Criminal Investigations                                                                                         1.25 hours.

Expectations of an Attorney When Utilizing a P.I.                                                   .75 hours.

Creating a Better Working Relationship Between Police & P.I.s                             .50 hours.

Social Media Skills and Investigations                                                                    .50 hours.


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