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                One of the reasons that I wanted to publish this website was to help educate people such as yourself in many different areas.  There are many different areas that could be addressed and blogged about on a daily or weekly basis.  That will be what this section deals with.  Maybe not on a daily basis, as time gets pretty scarce on occasion, but every week or so anyway.  This section will deal with current events and currents trends.  Maybe it will address current theft patterns or new techniques on shoplifting.  At other times I may tell you about an interesting case that I have been working on.  I may even ask you for help in a current case that I am working on.  Wouldn’t that make you feel great to be able to help solve an ongoing case?  Throw me an anonymous call or email on anything you see below. 


             Sadly, as the unwise budget cuts in the areas of public safety keep running deeper, we are all a little more at risk.  This includes businesses and personal situations.  Everyone needs to watch out for themselves and their neighbors.   Even if you don't call the police when you see someone or something suspicious at least write the information down somewhere in case you need it in the future.   If you feel you are not being protected like you should be or if you feel you need more protection than is out there, feel free to call someone like me and talk it over.  Don't leave yourself hanging out there unsafe.





Current Crime:


Shoplifting Seminar:  The free Delphi Chamber of Commerce four part class for businesses should have started last Thursday. However, due to the blowing snow, it didn't. So, at this point, the first class will begin the last Thursday of this current month. Unless I can put something together and get a Saturday class scheduled. I would like to see that happen. I want to get that first one under my belt. I was glad to see the first class get postponed, however. I was able to get the class released on the news and get some free publicity. Now, I will be able to get that again with the re-schedule. So five rounds of publicity for four classes. And the media whore lives! Plus, if I can interest them in a Saturday class for each one, that will be four more times. Haven't heard from Monticello's Chamber as of yet. I am ready, though. I worked hard and late the night before the first one was supposed to go. I have 19 pages of handouts for the 'students'. I feel pretty good about the shoplifting one.


2009 Marketing:    2009 should prove out to be an interesting year. I feel that crime will go up over the course of the next two years, due to the economy. I think that civil problems will also rise. Staying married is hard enough these days without the added stress of additional money problems that this year will bring. I look to be serving a lot more foreclosure and divorce papers than last year. As far as crime is concerned, I believe that job site thefts for materials will go way up as will burglaries, but the biggest rise will be seen in the area of shoplifting.<p>
Another area of thought for me for the next year is advertising and marketing for Bob’s Investigations. I have a gotten a presentation from TV18 for a three month advertising package. Very impressive and, for the demographics provided, looks to be a very good option for me. It is a lot of money, though. And, with the old saying of ‘all your eggs in one basket’ going through my head, I have been thinking about another option. I have been impressed with WMRS, Sunny 107.7 in Monticello. For a third of the money required for the TV18 package, I can get anywhere from 25 spots on the Super Trading Post to 42 spots on their regular format. My line of thinking is this: I can scrape together enough money to do the TV18 thing, but would it not be safer and wiser to take a third of that total and put it towards WMRS and see what that does? If it would generate sales that would triple that money spent, I would then have enough for the TV18 spots from that money alone and still have the money I have now, unspent. I am thinking that that would be a wiser move. Small steps, if you will. I am a little concerned about the TV18 move generating too much business, too fast. Can I handle that right now? Do I have everything in place to be able to do that? You can get too busy too quickly. And if that happens your cash flow usually does you in at that point. You simply have too much accounts receivable hanging out there and not enough cold cash on hand. You need that cash for fuel, food, undercover work, documents and the like. If you don’t have enough of that, you start slowing down operations and things start taking too long to get done. Customers become unhappy or the situation takes care of itself and you are no longer needed. And another thing is, this is a ’one-man show’. I am it. I would love to have an assistant, but I don’t right now. Can I handle a surge of new cases by myself? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I am always open for suggestions and advise. Send me a message if you have any thoughts. Dale


Marketing Action: 

With the new marketing plan for Bob's Investigations in place, I have completed the first part of the direct mailing portion. I have just finished hand addressing 128 envelopes for mailing. They will be filled with a letter on paper service, the brochure, a business card and also a letter on the bad check program. They were mailed out on Monday, February 23, 2009.  Direct mailing has always done pretty well for me. I have always made money off of the direct mailings I have done in the past. In mailing out these envelopes it will cost me around $90.00 I don't have to have much new business come in to pay for mailings like this. Two billable hours, two and a fourth legal papers to serve or six bad checks will pay for this mailing. That is pretty easy to obtain when you are actually helping a business collect money, instead of trying to get them to spend money. Why hand address them? When a business gets a hand addressed envelope they will always open it. Typed, not so much. They won't take a chance on throwing away an envelope that may have a check inside. It is just more personal this way. I believe it shows that I care when I take the time to do this. We will see......


Legal Paper Service:  I have had to get pretty creative lately to get service on a couple of my problem targets.  I couldn't find a guy around Monticello or a woman around Logansport.  I finally located a post office box number for each of them, however.  So I got to work.  I addressed an envelope to each of them with their court summons inside.  I then certified it for them to have to sign for.  This is a legal service.  Oh, and prior to shipping the envelope out, I finished with putting on the front of each envelope, 'Rebate Money Enclosed'.  Nice touch, huh?  Guess what?  Yup, they both signed for them.  The woman has not had her court date yet.  But the guy has already paid his account in full.  Results matter. 


Meth. and other drugs:  I got a telephone call at the end of last week from a person I have known for several years.  I met with her and listened to a bunch of drug type information from another county.  I took a couple pages of notes while she talked.  I called a drug detective friend of mine in the county where the information was based and transferred all of it to him.  Hope he has good success.


Unsolved Flora Deaths:


Dewey West:  Dewey was beaten about his head back in 1989 and left.  He was an elderly man who lived on the west end of Clem Street in Flora.  He finally got medical attention and died a few days later in a Lafayette Hospital.  His attacker is not known at this time and the family needs to find this information out to help them close this chapter of their lives.  I have been investigating this case on and off for the last year.  I feel, from the evidence located, that this was not a money situation, but maybe a person or persons who were connected with Dewey's immediate family.  Like in all crimes, someone knows something.  I want to hear from that person. 




Since the Indiana State Police won't share their case on Dewey West, I am forced to start from scratch with everything.  It is good to know we are all interested in taking care of justice..............   I need help in locating a former employee of the Brigg's factory in Flora.  On the day that Dewey was beaten this man was in the parking lot of the factory and saw another male running from the area of Dewey's home.  I need to speak with this man about this case.  I currently have a new theory about this case that involves three people that the State Police may have overlooked.  Depending on the information this man has, it could help bolster my theory and get me closer to solving this crime.  PLEASE talk to family and friends and see if anyone might be the man I just talked about.  Please call me at anytime of the day or night with the information at 812.988.8058


Tammy Sue Birdsell:  Tammy was 43 years old when she died south of Flora near Bringhurst due to a gunshot wound.  Who shot her?  Law enforcement has not answered that question as of yet.  This investigation has gone on for just over a year and is in danger of going into the cold pile if it hasn't already.  There are a lot of theories flying around about this one.  (Small town America!)  Let's get the facts into the forefront.  765-564-2413 is the number for the Carroll County Sheriff.  Ask for Steve Mullin. 


State Trooper Oscar Eugene Mills:  Now here is one for you.  How many of you knew that there was a state trooper killed just four miles west of Flora?  It is true and a very interesting story.  Trooper Mills was from Hobart and worked out of the Lafayette Post in Carroll County.  I have learned the following:  (Considering this is all happened over 50 years ago, some facts may not be right on, but they are close.)  Mills lived at the edge of Flora with his wife and four children.  At just before 7:30 on the evening of November 30, 1957, Trooper Mills began giving chase on a speeding vehicle westbound on State Road 18.  It has been determined that his 'bubble' light, (remember, it is 1957!) was not activated.  After they passed the intersection with 350 West and they were approached the Black Farm, which is on the north side of the road, they were getting ready to meet an eastbound vehicle.  The driver noticed the first speeding vehicle and watched it pass by him as he prepared to turn north into his farm lane.  (As near as I can tell this must be the house that the Murphy girl lived in a few years back.)  He started making his turn, but failed to see or judge the speed of Mills' patrol unit as he made the turn.  Mills struck the back end of the vehicle slightly, but it was enough to send him into a spin.  Mills went sideways and slid for about 300' heading northwest.  His vehicle was badly damaged as he came to rest after striking a grain bin.  (Reports say the bin had grain in it and it got moved about a foot from its foundation.)  Due to head injuries Mills went into a coma.  That coma lasted well over eight years before he finally died in a hospital in Gary in April of 1966.  Now the question that I can find no answer to is:  Who was Trooper Mills chasing on that fateful night?  Hmmmm.  The Comet at the time, never indicates and neither does the memorial found on the Indiana State Police website.  Does anyone know besides the driver?  I would be interested in knowing.  Oh, I will leave you with one little bit of irony about this case.  From what I have been told, Trooper Mills was found at the Flora High School giving a school program on the ills of driving too fast and speeding in general.  ON THE SAME DAY AS THE ACCIDENT THAT KILLED HIM!


Current Cases:


Child Molesting Case Dismissed:  One of the oddest feelings that a former police officer can have is when he is hired to help a person who has been charged with child molesting.  This happened to me shortly after leaving the police department about twelve years ago.  It just happened again last summer.  It is very odd to be on the other side of the 'line'.  However, having watched several incidents of false accusations from former wives and girlfriends over the years, both in the news and locally, I put those feelings aside and took both cases.  Both cases were outside of Carroll County.  I was able, through my investigations, to help get both cases dismissed.  They didn't get to go to trial where the men were found not guilty.  They were dismissed by the prosecutor's office for not having enough merit to go forward to trial.  The first man could not have done what his former girlfriend said he did because of his time cards from work that I located for his attorney.  Through careful analysis of the evidence in the second case, I was able to see things in the alleged victim's body language and also I picked up on evidence that she left behind through her words.  I processed what I saw and heard into a dismissal.  I am confident that neither one of these men were guilty of what they were accused of in these cases.


Delphi Chamber of Commerce:  At the end of every Old Settler's celebration there is a clean-up that takes place.  One of the things that gets taken care of is the picking up and storage of the electrical supply wire that is rolled up and placed on the east side of the court house on Washington Street.  That is where it sat this last year waiting to be picked up by the city employees.  However, no one can find the wire now.  Almost without fail, the business and downtown people indicate that the wire sat there for several weeks not picked up.  The city workers are the only ones telling me that the wire was sought after the next day after the conclusion of Old Settler's.  They indicate that the wire was already gone.  For whatever reason the stories do not match.  My investigation reveals that there were two or three men in this general area doing a lot of illegal salvage work in that time frame.  I am currently working with law enforcement on this case trying to bring it to a conclusion.  They also indicate that there was a lot of wire stolen from the stone quarry at around the same time.  Any outside help would be welcomed, however.  Did you see something dealing with a large spool of big diameter wire in the area in front of Bill's Rock Shop?  Have you heard anyone talking or bragging about this crime?  I would like to hear from you.


Vehicle damage:  I had a friend of mine tell me his vehicle was hit in an Indianapolis parking garage while he was watching a Pacer game with his son.  (My first question was if he could see if all of the Pacers were in the gym during the game.  Considering their criminal dealings!)  He indicated that someone left him some numbers from an environmental license plate.  I went to run the plate for him and found that I needed the two letters prior to the numbers.  They weren't on the note.  I was stumped and thought we were done.  However, I got to thinking.  There are 26 letters in the alphabet and two letters on each plate.   So I took 26 times 26 and came up with 676 different combinations that could go with the numbers given on the unsigned note.  It took me about two hours, but I came up with three plates that matched the numbers.  One vehicle was red, one was blue and one was white.  His was hit by a blue vehicle.  I think we are close! 


People of interest: 

I am currently looking for the following people:


Steve Whaley who was living around Lafayette and sells furniture.(IN CALIFORNIA)

Kerry Reifel-Englert (Ginn?) who was living around Monticello.(FOUND)

Kim Kistler who was living around, Royal Centre, Logansport or maybe Kokomo.(FOUND)

Alice Floyd, formally of around Camden. (FOUND)

Teresa Darling, formally of around Burlington.

Kris Hicks, (Male), somewhere in Lafayette.(FOUND)

Joe & Brittney Wolf, formally in the Sleepy Hollow area.(FOUND)

Nick Weatherford, Lafayette.(FOUND)

Candice Price, Lafayette.(FOUND)


The above people are not in trouble.  I need to locate them for a client.  Let me know if you have any idea.  Thank-you, Dale

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