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Business Favorites:



                Say what you want about the Chinese people, but they do make great food.  A lot of my lunch times are spent on the square in Delphi eating at the China 1 Buffet.  (Except on Monday's, of course.)  Low lit, inexpensive and good Chinese food.  I always take a good book and make an hour of it.  Sadly, more than one of my books have egg drop soup stains. 


                 Every once in a while I need office type supplies while at my Flora office.  A trip to Payne's Pharmacy usually fits the bill.  They have the best prices on poster board anywhere in the county.  Nice people, too.  If they don't have what I am looking for I just go on down to Stephan's IGA and let Trent sell me what I need.  It's nice to go into your local grocery store and see the same friendly employees week-after-week.  Even Patty!  I never thought I would ever be living back in Carroll County, let alone Flora, but it has been nice coming back.  The people have all been nice and what a jolly it is to be able walk everywhere in town. 


                 I will have to say that the police department in Flora has come a long way since I moved away.  They seem to be doing well even with the added pressure of having to now become, in essence, county deputies.  If you spill any food on your shirt just take it to the coin laundry next to the Salin Bank on West Columbia and throw it into a washer.  Great prices and a very clean place.  (Pat will thank you!)   


                 I have learned it is very important to shop and purchase from locally owned and operated stores.  You can't beat a good order of biscuits and gravy from the Bassett & Talbert's Blimpie.  And speaking of walking in town there is nothing more convenient than walking from my office to Wallmann's Foodliner and picking up a mid-afternoon snack.  Delphi Hardware also fits that description.  I can get most of my hardware and office needs there.  (Even the weird stuff!)


                 Now, as most of you know, I had lived in Nashville, Indiana for about seven years prior to moving back to Carroll County to take care of my mom.  I still have two of my sons there and I do happen to do some business and investigating in Brown County.  You can't beat the food in Nashville.  If you are looking for a sit-down good time in what looks like the early 1900's stop in to the Artists Colony Inn on the main drag.  They have great food there.  (Hmmm the catfish filets.............)  If you want a good pizza, stop in at the Nashville or the new Trafalgar Pizza Kings.  The one in Nashville is located behind McDonalds and the other one in Trafalgar is on State Road 135 across the side street from Joe's Junction..  Tell the owner, Ryan, if you are from Carroll County.  He'll get a kick out of that!   




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