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           A process server is the official term for someone who delivers documents to the named recipient of that document. The document can be any paper. Most documents are court papers or notifications of something that is important to the sender - information that the sender feels the recipient needs to be made aware of. 

           I have served law suits, legal notifications, all kinds of important papers, and even settlement checks. I use every legal, sneaky, case-appropriate means available to serve the paperwork. After the service is complete, I record the date and time of service and notify my client of the success. Once back at my office, I generate a Return of Service Affidavit with the service information, and have it notarized. When that step is complete, I send the Return of Service Affidavit to the client, or take it directly to the court. 

           It is not cost-prohibitive for my company to serve your papers. I know how expensive pursuing someone civilly can be. For that reason, I charge a filing fee of $10 for you to file a document with me. If I do not get it served for you, there is no other expense. However, if I do complete the service, I am entitled to a serving bonus. If the paper to be served is in Carroll or surrounding counties, the bonus is $30. Document service is available anywhere in the state. Contact me for the rate of serving documents in any other Indiana counties.

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